Fourier Lectures

The papers of the Fourier lectures uploaded in the IDL (open access other than the latest one by Prof. Bar-Cohen) and Prof. Hewitt's paper are listed and linked below.
The Power Point slides of the lectures delivered by Ro and Bar-Cohen are available in the "history" page.

IHTC-7 (1982, München):

"A Pioneering Era in Convective Heat Transfer Research"

by Prof. Ernst R. G. Eckert
University of Minnesota

IHTC-8 (1986, San Francisco):

"The Early History of International Heat Transfer Conferences"

by Prof. Ernst R. G. Eckert
University of Minnesota

"Fahrenheit a Pioneer of Exact Thermometry"

by Prof. Ulrich Grigull
Technische Universität München

IHTC-9 (1990, Jerusalem):

"Count Rumford on the Art and Science of Heat Transfer"

by Prof. Richard J. Goldstein
University of Minnesota

IHTC-11 (1998, Kyongju):

"Name, Number and Unit"

by Prof. Geoffrey F. Hewitt
Imperial College London

IHTC-15 (2014, Kyoto):

"Thermal Science and Engineering - From Macro to Nano in 200 Years"

by Prof. Avram Bar-Cohen
University of Maryland

IHTC-16 (2018, Beijing):

"Historical Development in the Thought of Thermal Science – Heat and Entropy"

Full paper
Presentation material

by Prof. Hideo Yoshida
Kyoto University